Donations can be made to a specific ward or department within the Hospital, or may be used for any of a number of requests we receive regularly.  For further information or to make a specific commitment, there is a form downloadable from this website.

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In 2015, donations continued to be made to many departments and wards including Haematology, Therapy Services, Morton, Gillies and Winifred Wards, Mobility Centre, Dietetic and Nutrition, Hayward House, Chaplaincy, Pain Management, Linden Lodge and the Doctors’ Library.

In 2014, the League of Friends celebrated its 60th anniversary.
During that year, a donation of £50,000 was made to the new Cystic Fibrosis Unit.

Also in 2014, members visited the Day Surgery Unit for a demonstration of the new operating tables to be purchased with their £62,000 donation.
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During the same year, the League of Friends sponsored the refurbishment of the patient kitchen in Gillies Ward. The photograph shows members and ward staff inspecting the new units.
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Thank you’s:

“Many thanks for your wonderful donation” Cardiology — for 4 Cardiocall Monitors

“Please accept £500 in appreciation for their hard work and dedication”- Donation specified for Linden Lodge

“I thought the League of Friends would be a good place to send my donation in lieu of flowers. I would like my donation to go to Maggie’s Centre, I send this knowing it will go exactly where I want it to…” £30 donation

“I would like to thank the League of Friends for the wonderful donation of a TV for our day room. The patients are delighted as they often wait in the day room for long periods of time…
•we are so very grateful” — Ward Sister Lister 2.

“On behalf of the patients and Staff of surgical short stay, I would like to convey our grateful thanks for the kind donation of a TV. It has already brightened up many patients stay whilst waiting for surgery” — Sister Kathy McLaughlin

“Thank you for your help and support in improving our service “— Outpatients staff

“Thank you for the massage oils and creams to enable volunteers to offer patients complementary massage… The constant level of support you and the League of Friends offer is enduring. I am truly grateful for this support and am genuinely privileged to work with such a dedicated group as yours”- Voluntary Service Manager

“We would like to thank you all again for the beautiful pictures you kindly financed for the registrar’s room near the bereavement centre, it’s like walking into a garden of beautiful flowers…. And thank you for your continued support throughout the hospital”- Bereavement Centre.

“What would we do without you! We are so grateful for your continuing support. So thank you once again, having a quiet place to sit and pray at Hayward House means so much to patients, visitors and staff alike-” Donation to Chapel at Hayward House.

“Many thanks to the League of Friends for its very kind donation. The patients’ lounge looks fabulous and is a lovely relaxing place now for patients to sit and read, watch TV and to meet other patients and their visitors”- Matron Lesley Reilly- £4000 to refurbish lounge.

“1 am writing to thank you for your invaluable involvement with securing the hugely generous donation of £50,000 from the League of Friends to fund a library at Maggie’s Nottingham Centre. We are thrilled that the League of Friends have supported Maggie’s at Nottingham in this incredibly generous way”- Laura Lee — Chief Executive of Maggie’s.

“We are so grateful to you and all who contribute to the work of the League of Friends for the City Hospital for your kindness and support: it would be difficult for us to continue the level of care we strive to achieve for our patients without the help of people such as yourselves” – Dr V Crosby- Hayward House Macmillan Specialist Palliative Care Cancer Unit.

Some more of our Recent Pledges:

Gillies Ward – Refurbishment of kitchen- £3115
Linby Cardiac Investigations Unit- 4 Cardiocali Monitors- £2394
Linden Lodge- Stacker Chairs- £500
Nottingham Mobility Centre- Demonstration. equipment- £239.95
Linden Lodge-sports equipment – £127
Renal Unit – Blood Pressure machines- £600
Hogarth Ward- Chairs – £500
Linden Lodge- Wheelchair Cushions £1940
Lung Function Dept- Radio/CD player £29